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Amy Stevens

Amy "Yarn Rambo" Stevens is a tufting artist based in the vibrant city of Kansas City, KS. Her extensive artistic journey began in 1999, shaping her creative identity over the years. It was in 2020 that she embarked on a new chapter within the walls of Dharma's Dungeon, her home studio, where tufting, a unique form of fiber art, took center stage. 

With a specialization in tufting, Amy brings a distinctive touch to her creations, pushing the boundaries of this captivating medium. Beyond her studio, Amy is a dynamic force in the live art scene, gracing the stages of renowned music festivals. Her tufting performances add a unique visual dimension to the musical experience, bringing art to life. Amy's live tufting has also become a fixture at weddings and the creative mix of art fairs. 

Amy's passion for sharing her creative expertise shines through as she provides fiber art-based workshops at festivals and art fairs. Her demonstrations and workshops not only showcase the intricate process of tufting but also serve as a platform for others to explore the world of fiber art. 

Beyond events and workshops, Amy is the coordinator and instructor of "Yarn Rambo's Creativity Corp," a donation-based craft club that explores various artistic mediums. Through this initiative, Amy fosters a community of creativity, providing individuals with an opportunity to delve into different forms of artistic expression.

Amy "Yarn Rambo" Stevens' tufted artworks have been in prestigious art galleries, including Artist and Craftsman in Kansas City, MO, Oracles Eye in St Joseph, MO, and ReKinection @ Astral Valley Art Park in French Village, MO. Each gallery display serves as a testament to her commitment to elevating tufting as an art form, showcasing its versatility and expressive potential. 

In Amy's tapestry of art, tufting becomes a language of its own—speaking volumes through color, texture, and the boundless possibilities of fiber art. 

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