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Cheetah pencil drawing

19th Annual
Juried Show

Best of Show Winner 2022,  Dawn Safarik

Important Dates

  • July 15 and 16 Deliver art to the gallery 1- 4 pm

  • July 21 Opening Reception 6 - 8 pm, awards announcement 7 pm

  • August 11 and 12 Pick up art at gallery 1- 4 pm

    • If you cannot pick up your work at this time, please arrange for someone to do so for you.

Accepted Artists

Bill Kidder
Carol Lear
Carol Rubsam
Carolyn Albracht
Catherine Kirkland
Chris Gipson
Christine Webster
Connie Creek
Connie Wilson
David Alston
David coss
Dawn Safarik
Dawn Thomas
Diane Brown
Don Dane
Don James

E Lewis
Jacqueline Dunster
Jake Marshall
James Kilmer
Jana Stoebick
Jay Smith
Jean McGuire
Jerry Brown
Jessica Hofmann
Joan Baird
Joel Gwidt
John Seevers
Karen Golmer
Kenneth Rickey
Lee Ann Stamm
Leonard LeDoux
Loreta Feeback
Maria Martin
Marilyn Lyons
Marla Craven
Mary Peterson
Michael Walsh
norma herring
Pam Angilan
Pat Jessee
Patricia Dallas-Johnston
Patricia Walsh
Patty Fries
Paul McMillian
Phill Sikes
Ramon Magee
Renae Oakes
Ric Cummings
Richard Faulkner
Robert Klausing
Robin Richerson
Ronald Fornelli
Steven Greenwall
Susan Pfannmuller
Teri Kay Willett
Tom Strongman
Valery Johnson
Wanda Tyner

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