Loreta Feeback

So many ways to paint, so many things to paint. Pastels are usually my medium of choice. 

With glorious colors I create patterns and design that radiate into abstraction of shapes and forms.  

The Carousel copy.jpeg
Feeback2_ Jungle_24x18 jpg.jpeg

Marianne Hamer

As a photographer for more than 20 years Marianne Hamer brings more than just  composition and images to life. She brings a sense of being in the photograph, invoking an emotion that draws the viewer to contemplate the beauty found in a given moment or space. Whether that includes a landscape of a spectacular vista, a cherished family moment or that garden flower that breathes beauty in your soul, Marianne has learned to capture the moments that express meaning. Her most recent years she’s been honing the art of digital photographic enhancement. Creating art from photographs.

Marianne uses a combination of digital programs to create art from photographs. Layers upon layers provide stunning images that look as if an artist put brush to canvas. Getting the lighting, color, application just right is how her photography stands out among other photographers.