Janis Schwartz

My earliest work from my Visions of the West portfolio is from years spent living in New Mexico where I captured the beauty and cultural diversity of the “land of enchantment” on black and white film printing the images on silver gelatin paper in the darkroom. A traditional photographic technique rarely seen today. I have begun again to print these negatives in the wet darkroom as to keep the integrity of the photographic process intact for collectors of my work. The infrared film, which is sensitive to heat, manifests light of a surreal or ethereal quality. This body of work spans the 14 years spent living there and one day I hope to make it into a book.

Currently my work is a diary of day to day experiences as I move around seeing the world from an artistic viewpoint capturing it to share with the viewer!

For the past few years I’ve photographed the Sandhill Crane migration in various locations and continue to explore this body of work. Finding a very real sense of thrill in the field as hundreds of thousands of these creatures do whatever it is they do within reach of my lens!

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