I have been working with my hands for many years as a model railroader and model airplane enthusiast. 

In 1993 I began woodworking.  After trying various woodworking disciplines, I found my passion in bandsaw boxes in 2008.  The freedom from being restricted to straight lines and ninety degree corners was rewarding. The creative process begins after cutting the individual pieces to size and selecting the front piece for the box.  Once assembled and glued, this process continues to choosing the orientation of the box while studying the grain patterns to present the most pleasing view.  I then move on to sketching the outline of the box while striving to retain the natural beauty of the wood grain. 

Although each box is refined along one of several design paths I have developed, each one retains its individuality due to the grain structure and wood species that was chosen.  The work proceeds to refining the shape through smoothing the surfaces and edges of the box to present a pleasing piece of functional art. 

At this point, the finishing process begins with the application of several coats of Super Blonde shellac.  Each coat is sanded to assure proper adhesion between coats.  Once sealed, I continue on to hand rubbed additional coats of shellac.  The inside of the box drawer has a coat of fine fibers sprayed to create a soft interior surface.  The final step in finishing involves a three-step buffing process which brings out the beauty of the wood. 

I do not use any stains or dyes in my boxes but prefer to let the clear shellac reveal the beauty of the natural wood colors.