Robin Richerson


After working in a variety of sculptural media, I have now found my passion through the casting of large and small bronze pieces. In non-objective or contemporary pieces, I work to create movement and rhythm within internal and external shapes so that as the viewer moves about the piece there is revealed a constant reshaping and changing composition. Working with larger scale compositions there is the possibility of the viewer being juxtaposed to the piece in such a way as to become a part of the sculpture. In creating figurative works the composition includes all the same three-dimensional design elements but with my attempt to use the subject matter to capture a moment in time. In figurative work my excitement comes from the identification of the story being revealed to the observer through a gesture or body language and an ability to find movement in each design.

7320 W 80th St, Overland Park, KS 66204, USA

(913) 232-7113

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