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Wanda Kehlenbeck Tyner

Wanda’s nature-inspired glass artwork depicts a story that flows from realistic representations to abstract interpretations including 3D elements that add depth and cool reflections.  Wanda manipulates and forms glass into shapes with heat, flow, dimension, patterns and texture bringing vibrant colors to life.  With kiln-casting she creates 3D textural designs and shapes them into action (flying butterflies, flowing flowers).  She enjoys bringing works of creativity, color and beauty into our everyday lives. In addition to wall hangings and sculptures; she creates bowls, tableware, vases, garden art, clocks and jewelry.  

Wanda is also a juried artist member of Summit Art and Missouri Artisans Association D.B.A. Best of Missouri Hands.

Visit her website to learn more about her process and her artwork.

Follow Wanda on social media to learn about new artwork and upcoming shows.



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