Jackie Krusenklaus

Jackie is a self-taught artist with acrylic medium since 2016. Her first love was graphite for over 20 years. Her very first drawing was when she was 4 years old was of Woodstock (the bird, not the event). That was the beginning of her passion and enforced her drive to learn more and “Can I do it? What will it look like?”
In 1995, she married her best friend and have 4 beautiful children. Her art was put aside to raise her family. In 2016, her husband surprised her with a studio and her first set of acrylic paints. The original passion came back to life of “Can I do it? What will it look like?” She has sold numerous requested commission pieces and won recognition in local contests. Her inspiration comes from music, phrases her children say, a photograph or just a reason to play with colors.
FaceBook: artsytartsyjacquelyn
Instagram: artsytartsy_jacquelyn

7320 W 80th St, Overland Park, KS 66204, USA

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