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Norma Herring

Finely detailed water media paintings are my passion and joy!  My work focuses on “nature” in all its glory, splendor and fleeting moments.  A life changing breast cancer diagnosis in 2001 caused me to retire from a career in nutrition and return to my first love ~ watercolors.  Spending many months on each painting I attempt to bring out the intrinsic beauty of the natural world...trees, flowers, weeds, insects, animals, clouds, rocks and my most favorite subject, the “aurora borealis” visible over our summer home in Canada.  Lately I’ve begun adding iridescent (pearlized) watercolor medium and paints, metallic acrylics and gel pen for added excitement, a little mystery and just pure fun!  My work has received both local, national and international recognition and awards.  In June 2018 “Sunflower of the Rockies” was one of 100 watermedia works exhibited in Quindao, China…a great honor.

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